About Mirutti

rochie in creion
MIRUTII opened its gates in Bucharest, fueled by a strong desire to offer you beauty, elegance and refinement.
By entering our home, you’ll step into a fairytale world, full of glamour and color, and your dreams of being a little princess or a queen searching for her lost throne can become true, even for a single night. Knowing the delicate, dreamy soul of the woman, designers from all over the world have conceived these models with the desire to give you the joy of daydreaming. By wearing our dresses, that carefully combine materials such as veil, jersey, silk or lace, with all-sizes trails, sexy décolletages and special tailoring with manually applied shiny crystals and stones, you can gently step with great confidence into a ballroom, arm in arm with your beloved prince.
We also adapted to the modern style, by creating some delicate and elegant cocktail models, which can be worn on daytime events as well, and to the office on a special day as well. Let us discover you a wonderful world, that can so easily enter your house and your life! Our personnel is waiting for you with great regard and open-hearted!

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